Find your Spirit Shade;
What every Lyvv shade you choose says about your personality.

Lipstick is more than just a pigment of color on the lips of a woman; it is a small but personal peek into her psyche and how she wishes to express herself. Lyvv Cosmetics has over the years, dedicated and geared its innovation towards creating shades that not only flatter women of color but help them express themselves to the world through its pigmented and diverse lip shade range. We believe that to be truly who you want to be, you need to be able to express who you are on the inside, that is why each lip shade and color pigment from Lyvv Cosmetics has a unique personality that channels who you are. Don’t know which Lyvv shade is for you? Come with us, as we help you find your Spirit Lyvv Shade! We promise this is going to be fun!


Selly is all about projecting your confidence and boldness to the world. If you subconsciously pick Selly, it means you are a very passionate and bold person. You are not afraid to express yourself, and you enjoy being admired. For those who lack confidence, switching to Selly might do some miracles for you!


Maguy isn’t an easy color to pull off, but if you do find yourself gravitating towards this shade, it means you have a carefree, whimsical, wild and adventurous spirit. You certainly don’t mind standing out in a crowd and throwing caution to the four winds! You might want to try this color to channel your carefree and drama free side.

Mechelle, Accra & London

Mechelle, Accra, and London are all about quiet control, these shades are mostly for women who are regal at heart and revel in their influence and femininity. These women are independent, sexy, confident, and a tad bit unapproachable. Purple holds a bit of mystery, and so do the women who wear them! Want to have an air of mystery and royalty? Switch to Mechelle, Accra or London!


The woman who leans toward Rosie loves nature and the outdoors. She is cool, calm, down to earth, and confident in her own skin. She’s allured by the rosiness of good health. You might want to try Rosie if you want to portray a burst of life and vitality in your persona.

New York & Lise

New York and Lise are adventurous shades; These shades are for the brave, flirty, fun, and outgoing woman. This woman loves to spend time with her girlfriends, and she keeps her eye out for all the latest trends. She is bubbly and simply a delight to hang out with. She’s a girly girl, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. If you feel you are afraid to take a chance, I think it might be time to switch to these fantastic shades and be a risk taker!


Jayla is for the woman who enjoys being adorable and has a fondness for things that are cute and cuddly. She totally loves children and little animals and is at her happiest when she sees something that makes her go “aww…” Yeah, she’s sweet like that. You should try Jayla if you’ve been too hard on yourself lately. This shade might help project a friendlier side of your personality.

Dakar & Pearl

Earthy shades Dakar and pearl signal confidence and a sense of purpose. However, women who subconsciously lean towards Dakar and Pearl are quiet and reserved. They tend to keep to themselves and do not yearn to be the center of attention. These shades display a bit of sophistication. Want to channel your more subtle personality? Why not switch to Dakar and pearl.


Vivi is all about creativity! Women who lean towards Vivi are telling the world that they have a vivid imagination. You can keep to yourself or be all over the place, but creativity is a massive part of who you are; it drives and propels everything you do! You aren’t afraid to be labeled as weird or different. You should switch to Vivi if you’re always worried about what other people think. Get yourself some Vivi and let the world & everyone in it fade away to the awesomeness of your uniqueness!

Astou & Mami

Gravitating towards the Astou and Mami shades? It shows you are sensual and seductive in every sense of the word. You enjoy every facet of your life and know how to revel in the precious moments’ life gives you. You are in no rush to get things you want, and you prefer to take your sweet time. You should try these shades if you need to spice things up in your relationship and connect with your sensual side.


Line is reserved for the woman who doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. Women who lean towards Line give off a sexy sense of confidence and won’t back down when faced with a challenge. Line lovers also have a unique sense of style as women who wear this shade don’t mind being in the limelight. You should definitely wear this shade if you feel life is pushing you into a corner. Wear Line and face your challenges head on!


Candace is a shade that lets the world know you are a kind and gentle soul.  This shade reveals that you are a generous person; if you gravitate toward this shade, it means that you care deeply about family and friends and you’re always there for them. It’s in your nature to give. Try Candace if you want people to perceive you as a generous and kind soul. Who knows, strangers might even lend you a helping hand.


For the woman who is daring and doesn’t really care about society and its traditions and rules, Zanzibar is the shade for you! If you fell in love with Zanzibar the minute you saw it, it probably means you are influential but like to remain mysterious and unapproachable. Your sense of style is more iconic than trendy, you set rules only to break them, and you stay young at heart! For those who want to carry an air of mystery and intrigue around them, switching to Zanzibar might just do the trick!

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Originating from Africa’s rich traditions and resources, Lyvv Cosmetics is a 100% organic brand. We are committed to providing you with a blend of the finest natural ingredients sourced from sustainable local farms in West Africa.
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