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Introducing the Lyvv Hydration Tumbler: Pure Hydration, Pure Beauty

At Lyvv, we know that beauty starts from within, and staying hydrated is a vital part of your skincare routine. Introducing the Lyvv Hydration Tumbler, designed to keep our clients refreshed. Available in five stunning colors: White, Hot Pink, Lilac, Barbie Pink, and Sea Blue.

Key Features:

Sleek Design: The Lyvv Hydration Tumbler boasts a modern, sleek design that fits comfortably in your hand and complements any setting.
Vibrant Colors: Choose from a range of vibrant colors to match your personality and style. Whether you prefer the classic purity of White, the boldness of Hot Pink, the serene beauty of Lilac, the subtle elegance of Dust Pink, or the refreshing calm of Sea Blue, there’s a Lyvv Hydration Tumbler for everyone.
Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, the Lyvv Hydration Tumbler is built to last, ensuring your water stays cool and refreshing throughout the day.
Health and Beauty Focus: Hydration is key to glowing skin and overall well-being. The Lyvv Hydration Tumbler supports your beauty journey by encouraging regular water intake.
Eco-Friendly: Embrace sustainability with the Lyvv Hydration Tumbler, reducing single-use plastic waste and promoting a healthier planet.
Experience the perfect combination of style, functionality, and skincare with the Lyvv Hydration Tumbler. Choose your favorite color and make every sip a step towards radiant skin.

1 review for Lyvv Tumbler

  1. Jess

    Love it so much. It can even hold ice for hours

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Originating from Africa’s rich traditions and resources, Lyvv Cosmetics is a 100% organic brand. We are committed to providing you with a blend of the finest natural ingredients sourced from sustainable local farms in West Africa.
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